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Music and Child Enrichment

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Music and Child Enrichment
Article courtesy of Esther Sanborn
Pianist/ teacher/performer/educator

For every generation, music has been a life long gift and passion and one of the few gifts we can give that will last a lifetime. Our children can be given the skills and the tools to write, play and create music throughout their entire lives, allowing them to express themselves, communicate and share with others through song and heightening their awareness and learning capabilities in a way that carries over into everything they do.

Active Imagination in Lessons

The use of active imagination is so important for young children and a child's own world can help children conceptualize musical language. This has led to very interesting ideas from many students. One student conceptualized the Bar and Measure as 'Doors and People'. For her, it was a device to remember the rather complex idea in her own special fashion. One older student gave the notion of going through a trough in a river, to understand the slur. These are highly inventive, and creative avenues for the students and the use of imaging is, indeed, potent.

Music as Therapy

Music is very therapeutic and eases stress in both children and adults. Music has also proven highly effective in helping children with learning disorders. Children and Adults with ADHD, ADD, Generalized/Social Anxiety Disorders are often very gifted, having much to give our world and to themselves. Piano study and Music is a calmative, restorative, healing process with these diamonds in the rough, who sometimes are misunderstood and just seen as a behavioral problem. Relaxation, imaging techniques, self-quieting and calming techniques, breath-work are offered to help the students study, moving gently and slowly through their lessons. Hand and body-work is also addressed to aid in relaxing the student to play at their very best and discover their own unique talents in Music.

When prioritizing our children's activities, considering music, as a foundational life skill for them will instill in them confidence as they explore and discover their world while enriching their lives and others around them with their gifts, acquired skills and heartfelt songs.


Esther Sanborn
Pianist/ teacher/performer/educator in the Bay Area for 30+ years, Esther is a Fourth Generation San Franciscan and hails from a large musical/artistic family. She has taught hundreds of children and Adults and was independently contracted in Santa Rosa, CA. for many years. She maintained a Private studio of 50+ students weekly, and then became a "traveler" to individual homes throughout the Northern Bay Area. .

© Copyright 2007 Esther Sanborn
No unauthorized duplication without written consent.


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