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Basic Computer Definitions For Today's Office & Home Computer User

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Basic Computer Definitions
For Today's Office & Home Computer User

Contributed by Extra Care Computer Technologies

In the year 2003 most households, small offices and classrooms have a minimum of one to two computers, regardless of economic level or size. Oftentimes when an individual user needs to upgrade their system or they need repairs, communicating with their service providers or retail vendor can be frustrating. Regarding service, Extra Care Computer Technologies would like to give some basic terms and information that will benefit all computer users.

These basic definitions will make life easier for all users when communicating service and repair issues.

Hardware: Objects you can physically touch, such as disk drives, monitors, keyboards Printers and internal components of a computer.

Software: Untouchable, instructions for the computer, a series of instructions that perform a particular task is called a program. Software tells the hardware how to process data or information.

OS: Operating system manages the computer system. Provides file, task and job management. All application programs "talk to" the operating system. Examples are Windows NT/ XP /2000/ and DOS.

Network: Networking allows you to share computer information and resources on one computer to another, such as printers, files, programs, CD recorders (burners), scanners and CD-Rom drives. A single internet connection can be shared with all computers as well.

Wireless Networking: The use of radio frequency (RF) technology to connect workstations, printers, etc.Wireless networking increases mobility and decreases the need for cabling and wiring.

The Computer Industry can sometimes be confusing and intimidating to the individual end user, especially in today's advanced and fast-paced technological market. With some sound knowledge and terminology, anyone can make smart choices and decisions concerning their computer system. So please learn these terms and their meanings. It will save you time when your computer system goes down.

Copyright 2003 Extra Care Computer Technologies, Inc. No unauthorized duplication without written consent.


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