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Is your child gifted?

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Is your child gifted?
Written by Julie Armenta, M.A. Educational and Family Specialist
Armenta Learning Academy

Signs to look for if your child is gifted:

  1. Learns quickly and reasons well/early reader
  2. Extensive vocabulary, memory, and attention span.
  3. Highly creative, imaginative, sense of humor and energy.
  4. Very compassionate and sensitive to other people and animals.
  5. Drawn to older people, but does tend to question authority.
  6. High morals and very concerned with being fair and just and will vocalize opinions.
  7. Excellent problem solver, critical thinker, such as jigsaw puzzles and music and has interest and high abilities in math, especially numbers.
  8. Interested in many ranges and diverse interest.
  9. Perfectionist and wants things done his way.

Half of parents have no idea that their child is gifted. They tend to be dramatic, artistic, and musically talented. Gifted children may excel in mazes, building with legos, chess, and science experiments. Large percentages may have behavior problems - more so with boys than girls - approximately 60% males and 40% females - and act out in school. It is important to keep them active and engaged so that they don't get bored and get into trouble.

Gifted children utilize visual spatial learning. They see pictures more than words and learn all at once - light bulb moment. Once they learn something long term, it becomes permanent. The left hemisphere of our brains is the sequential/analytical learning while the right hemisphere sees the whole picture.

Questions they ask themselves often-

Why is everything so important to me?
Is no one upset by dishonesty or injustice but me?
Why do I feel like such a misfit? How can gifted children be helped?

  1. Project based curriculum to enhance interest/talents and giftedness.
  2. A balance of shared gifted discussions and learning classroom/respect etiquette to listen to others and teacher instruction. (Formal learning and world education)
  3. Innovative and creative in instructional approach in a nurturing but consistent environment.
  4. Meaningful learning to reach the gifted learner in a small specialized environment to nurture the whole child approach.
  5. Self-empowerment, motivation, confidence to excel beyond potential, not only academically, but as a whole.
  6. Parent involvement and planning is welcome.
  7. Flexibility in scheduling times and curriculum and school program desired.
  8. Teaching morals, values, and personal interest of each individual student.
  9. Focus mainly on students strengths, but assist in weakness as well.
  10. Credence to student's goals, aspirations, talents, interest, on all levels of each student.
  11. Sense of self and balance and leadership in the community.

About Armenta Academy:
For advanced and gifted children trying to get ahead and work at grade level in their academic careers, our teachers offer wonderful advisement and academic support for grade level acceleration. Our accredited staff promotes a combination of classroom learning and tutoring assistance to achieve your child/children's goals. For these gifted students we offer a small 6:1 and 1:1 option. We will work with your schools curriculum and meet your child's specific academic learning needs to keep them enriched, engaged, empowered and educated!

Armenta Learning Academy

26041 Cape Dr., #270
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677




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