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Tips on Music Education
By Chris Cox of Savannah Music

I've been teaching guitar for about 7 years now. Along the way I've noticed a few things, common denominators between students who've excelled during our time together. It starts with the parents.

It starts with their being emotionally honest with their children. Now, I'll assume here that I just lost some readers, and many of you who've chosen to read on are doing so after a big roll of the eyes. I understand, and might do the same were I in your place. But allow me to explain. Music is a language, one that is most often used to express emotion. Who doesn't get choked up when they hear "O Danny Boy" or "At Last"? This is not to say that I think parents should be soft emotional pushovers, rather that they should show their children that it is ok to feel the way they do, and that the important thing is the way they react to their feelings. But I digress.

The beautiful thing about music is that anyone, regardless of training or talent, can hear a melody, a chord, a note, and understand the intention of the composer. What I've noticed over the years of teaching, with students and within myself, is that as we learn more about theory and harmony, we lose that youthful love of music. That ability to hear a melody and fall in love with it. In all our post-modern glory, we forget that there are things we just can't explain. And so it comes down to the parents keeping their children balanced between intellect and emotion.

I've also noticed that kids who've started taking piano lessons at a young age excel at other instruments when they are a bit older. Piano is essentially the only instrument that small children, even as young as five, can play and not become frustrated with their sore fingers or lack of strength in their lungs. Making music and being able to read notes at a young age not only gives them the upper hand if they want to play another instrument later in life, it shows them the joy that comes from hard work and dedication.

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Article contributed by Chris Cox of Savannah Music
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