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To shape lips and smooth wrinkles and folds

(Information provided by Lorrie Klein, M.D)

Smoothing wrinkles and folds or giving your lips a fuller, more sensuous form can be easily accomplished using Juvederm Ultra and Juvederm Ultra Plus.

Juvederm Ultra and Juvederm Ultra Plus are gels created from stabilized hyaluronic acid, a natural material found in our own bodies. These gels bind with water then slowly break down and are then absorbed by the body naturally. In the skin they create volume, resulting in a natural, youthful appearance. Because they do not need skin testing and last longer than collagen, and are safer and more natural appearing than many "permanent fillers" such as silicone. Most experts agree that hyaluronic acids are the products of choice for shaping lips.

Juvederm Ultra is used for wrinkle correction and lip enhancements. Juvederm Ultra Plus is a thicker product and is used for shaping facial contours, correcting deep folds and for volume augmentation of the lips. Results from these products last twice as long as collagen and Cosmoplast and typically 1 month longer than Restylane and Perlane. On average lip treatments last about 6 months, while smile lines and folds can last up to one year or longer.

During your treatment: Treatments last 10-20 minutes and are usually painless. Depending on the areas treated, more than one syringe may be needed to create the best look possible. Enhancements are recommended 6-8 weeks after a treatment to "fine-tune" your results and produce longer lasting improvement. These are usually done using 1-2 small 0.3 cc syringes.

To make lip treatments more comfortable, lidocaine anesthetic may be injected under your lips immediately before your treatment. These injections are nearly painless and will make your Juvederm treatment almost painless also. These products are then injected with a very fine needle into the desired areas.

What to expect after your treatment: After injection, some common, temporary, injection-related reactions might occur: tenderness, redness, itching, bruising, bumps, pain or swelling. If any of these occur, they typically resolve within a few days. Occasionally they can last up to 7-10 days after lip injections. It's recommended you plan your treatments at least one week before any special events.

Preparation for your treatment:

  • To reduce discomfort it's recommend you apply Betacaine ointment 60 minutes before your appointment time. Apply it in a very thick layer, like icing on a cake. This ointment generally can be purchased at your doctor's office for you to apply at home or you can arrive one hour before your appointment and have it applied in the office. For small areas or touch-ups you do not need to apply this ointment, a cold spray will be used to numb the areas.
  • To reduce the risk of bruising, you may want to avoid aspirin, ibuprofen (Advil), vitamin E and similar medications for 1-2 weeks before your treatment. Arnica Montana, starting the morning of your treatment or immediately after, will also help reduce bruising and swelling. A physician-strength version is available for purchase at our office.
  • Let your physician know before your treatment if you have a history of herpes (cold sores) in this area. A medication that will help prevent an outbreak of this can be prescribed.

Aftercare: No special care is needed after treatment, however it's advised you not to massage the area for several hours after treatment, as this may displace the gel. If swelling occurs after lip treatment, sleeping on two pillows for the first two nights may help. Ice may also help.

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