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Orange County Architect/Sculptor Founds Award Winning Winery
by Christina Duane

December 18, 2003

From high atop one of South Coast Metro's most intriguing office buildings, Orange County Architect, Gianni Manucci surveys the landscape but not out his window, for this territory he has already won. Gianni is designing his own architectural plans for the Bed and Breakfast (B&B to open in 2004) that will set high atop the hill of his beloved Paso Robles Winery, Wild Coyote. This will be an expansion to his recently opened and already acclaimed "one-of-a-kind" adobe tasting room/winery in Central Coast.

Like the free-spirited animal whose glare mysteriously captivates from the Wild Coyote label, Gianni is equally captivating. Having studied as an architect, and then risen to the top of his professional career, Gianni longed to return to his childhood roots and find an intrigual part of himself deep in the rich soil of Central California.

As the Grandson of a European Winemaker, Gianni had remembered the long days spent picnicking with his family, running through his grandfather's vineyard, his soul in tune with the ancient rhythm of seasonal planting, growth and harvest. Soon Gianni's life path would come full circle as he would carry on his families legacy as a third generation Winemaker.

From his home in north Laguna Beach, in Southern California, Gianni would travel to buy a 40-acre hillside property in Paso Robles, where the Franciscans had first brought grapes to Mission San Miguel in 1797. In 1995, Gianni would plant his Vineyard with the spirit, passion and skill of his Grandfather, terracing the land as they do in Europe and devoting himself to growing quality grapes and limiting the amount produced (3000-5000 cases) to insure the integrity of his Wild Coyote brand.

This philosophy has yielded Wild Coyote award winning wines, making this boutique winery one of the finest examples of excellence in winemaking and drawing attention to Paso Robles area as one of the premiere winegrowing regions in California. Wild Coyote is known for outstanding Zinfandel, Merlot and Syrah, (The 1999 Syrah sold out and anxious wine drinkers awaited the 2000 Syrah, just bottled and available at The adobe style B&B will soon feature even art workshops, as Gianni, a stone sculptor, wants artisans to enjoy their accommodations and practice their art as a part of their experience at Wild Coyote.

Wild Coyote is more than just a name to Gianni Manucci. Wild Coyote is a spirit and way of living characterized by the animal that roams the California countryside of both Gianni's California homes. A spirit of adventure, the following of one's instincts and resourceful use of all of the skills one is given is what Wild Coyote is an expression of. The Vintage is as rich, warm, woodsy and even spicy, as you would expect embodying the elements that went into its creation, these being the fruit of the earth, passion and even love.

A wine tasting experience at Wild Coyote is like being a part of Mother Nature's Celebration of Wine, Art & Native Culture. This unique journey makes you live through its spectacular panoramic view, and experiencing this spiritual hideaway. Wherever your passage, if you are going through Central Coast, this is a MUST see place. Stop by for a wine tasting, check out the adobe tasting room, a genuine tipi with authentic interior artifacts, picnic by the pond overlooking the vineyard/mountains, meet Gianni and see his eclectic art collection, so on, and so on.

Copyright 2003 Christina Duane. No unauthorized duplication without written consent.

Coyote Winery

is located in Paso Robles.
Their wine can also be purchased through retailers and distibuters.






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