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The perfect wedding calls for a dream cake beyond imagination and if you've wondered at an amazing cake in a national bridal magazine, it very well may have been an original creation from The Cake Studio right here in Orange County.

Wedding Cake Designer, Linda Goldsheft specializes in creating edible works of art that are themed and capture the elements that are unique to the couple she is designing for. The Cake Studio has been the choice of many celebrity couples and their cakes tell the story of how a themed cake is developed from concept to it's grand unveiling on that special day.

Don Henley fondly remembered his grandmother's Italian cream cake with coconut and fresh pecans. In his case, Linda was able to recreate this special cake. Childhood memories of favorite cakes do not necessarily translate into a successful wedding cake and this is why Linda always recommends a test cake for her brides.

Blair Underwood's Eiffel Tower Cake stood 6 ½ feet high and featured a likeness of the couple in their wedding garments in the middle section while lights were placed all the way up to the top sections, which made for a spectacular site when the sun went down.

For Kelsey Grammer's special day, the cake was tart lemon layered with lemon Mouse and Raspberries while Jenny McCarthy chose a box style cake with alternating ice blue and white boxes to compliment her 40's themed wedding.

The design and planning for the cake begins ideally 6-9 months in advance in a consultation where Linda contemplates The Big Picture". Every detail from what will be behind and around the cake, to floral design, and the couple's sentimental symbols are considered.

Cake design is as individual as the story of the couple. The design of a favorite piece of jewelry may become a part of the cake or dress design may play a roll in influencing cake design as a corset, ribbons, embroidery and bows become decorative elements on top of smooth rolled fondant, which is delicately layered over butter cream to give a smooth flawless elegance to the cake.

The Indian tradition of the intricate painting of the bride's hands on her wedding day became the inspiration for the exotic and delicate Henna Cake as it coordinated so beautifully with the artwork on the bride. Shell Cakes are also very popular for coastal weddings and the table is decorated around the cake with brown sugar for sand and shells to carry through the seascape. Nature is often represented with delicate absolutely realistic sugar made butterflies having landed on the cakes flowers.

The grooms cake, usually a reflection of the grooms hobbies or profession, can be whimsical and fun as Linda has recreated golf balls, a Seal from the Central Park Zoo, and even a large Marlin with absolute realism.

When asked what is her signature flavor of cake, Linda is sure it is White Chocolate with Bavarian crème and Raspberries. Her beautifully draped cakes and subtle hues of taupe, pale green, rum pink and buttercup yellow are making the soft colored cakes very popular.

At the cake studio, you can expect personal attention as Linda limits her number of clients, as it is Linda herself who designs, bakes and decorates each and every custom cake. This also insures cakes are delivered at the perfect time, as close to the ceremony as possible to insure the cake stays as beautiful as when it was left the Cake Studio.

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The Cake Studio

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