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Tips for adding music to your event

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Tips for adding music to your event
By Don Covel

What makes an event? The right music.

Music makes the party. Unfortunately, most people are confused about what kind of musical entertainment to choose, how to find it, what to look for, etc. This article will give you valuable ideas on what to consider and how to get the best value.

Music options... Live or DJ
Basically, musical entertainment comes in two formats: live and recorded (disc jockey). There are advantages to both. The best way to choose, however, is to consider 3 main points:

  1. Your attendees
  2. Your venue
  3. Your budget
Technology now allows a solo musician-vocalist to reproduce the sound and quality of a full band.

Your attendees
If your guests will be mostly a younger group (20s and younger) a DJ is usually the best choice. A professional DJ service will have all the current/latest music available usually requested by a younger crowd. If, however, your guests are in their 30s and older, you may wish to consider the live performance of a band or a soloist with backing-tracks capability (more about this popular trend below).

Your venue
Will your event be at a private home, hall, or banquet room? Banquet halls and larger rooms will accommodate live music or DJs. However if your venue is a home or mid-sized facility, a professional soloist is becoming a popular Orange County choice. Why? Because consumers want: familiar songs, in a professional presentation, that won't break their budget. Fortunately technology allows a solo musician/vocalist to reproduce the sound & quality of a full band for less cost example. A live band is also a good choice but remember to consider logistics, i.e., room size, facility access, stage area, etc.

Your budget
Be realist about what you can afford for your entertaining budget. Here are some price ranges to consider:

Live bands range from $1000 to $5000 per event. Smaller 3-piece bands may charge less. If you are not sure where to find good live entertainment It might be better to contact a reputable music service to assist you. Be aware though that "agencies" can add a mark-up for commissions. We have a free referral service for live music (see below).

Disc jockeys will usually charge $400 to $1000 per event. The higher charges should include special effects such as lighting and smoke machines.

Professional Soloists with full sound systems and backing tracks charge $350 to $600 per event. A soloist can also be a nice balance between a live band and a DJ. at a lower cost.

Crank up the volume?
Avoid the biggest mistake of all. amateur performers who play so loud that guests complain, or worse, leave. A soloist will play soft enough for guests to converse but allow others to dance, listen, and interface with the performer. Soloists can also accommodate small to mid-size venues requiring less stage area and set-up time.

Avoid the biggest mistake of all. amateur performers.

Things to ask for include: a song list, references, CD or website, and list of venues where the performers have played.

What makes an event? The right music.


Consider the above guidelines when choosing musical entertainment. As a guitar/vocal soloist musician, I provide my clients with a combination of classic rock and smooth jazz that is very popular at Orange County venues. All of this is enhanced with a full sound system and backing-track production. You are free to contact me personally for more music ideas at NO COST or OBLIGATION.
Info: 949-855-6581

Article submitted by Don Covel, owner of Don Covel Entertainment and serving Orange County for over 20 years. His warm guitar and smooth vocals are often compared to James Taylor.

"No other local artist offers more musicianship, variety, and entertainment."
- Orange

"A true renaissance musician."
- OC Weekly

"Don Covel is a one-man show. He can change his performance to suit the needs of the Audience. His warm personality and musicianship complement our shows and events. He is a delight to work with."
- Jana Barbier, Newport Beach Arts and Cultural Services
Newport Beach, CA


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