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Who can learn to draw and paint?

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Who can learn to draw and paint?
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Art Steps Classes

We have all heard people say, from time to time, "I can't draw a straight line" or "I could never learn to draw." How do you know if you or your child is "talented"? Is it ever too early or late to learn?

Interest determines talent. As in all pursuits, the more we love something, the more we practice. When we get excited about something that we know in our hearts is worthwhile, we delve into it frequently, with vigor and attentiveness. The more you love to cook, for example, the more meals you will volunteer to prepare, and the more skilled you will become at cooking in the long run. The fact is, any person, at any age, can become very skilled at drawing and painting, just by practicing enough.

In our culture, a person "talented" in art is thought to have a genetic "gift." Genetic aptitude in children, however, has relatively little to do with whether a person will be able to learn to draw, and be able to love it. Granted, there may be some genetic qualities that make a toddler more likely to pick up a crayon and start drawing: Naturally strong eyesight may make a child more interested in visual shapes and colors, and this may make him want to look longer at the world he draws. A relatively calm disposition may make it easier for the child to sit for long periods at a time in order to get that initial extra practice to advance his ability. The fact that a young child gets this kind of early head start may make him look like a natural talent, although he really did do the fundamental work to achieve this success.

Artists often report that, "talent runs in the family." From time to time during art class, teachers encounter a young child who appears especially "talented" at drawing. In almost every instance, it is possible to determine that a family member has a high regard for art, and encouraged the child, often unconsciously, even as he or she emerged from infancy, by providing trips to museums, access to art supplies, and verbal encouragement.

For people with or without apparent "talent" or an encouraging environment, guidance from instructors in a formal art class can make all the difference. When a student encounters a problem, guidance from experts helps weather the storm, showing him or her how to solve it. A student who would normally "give up" on a drawing on his or her own will have someone there to help get past the tough part. Instruction not only teaches students the ABCs of drawing, it coaches them in how to have patience with themselves in order to accomplish what they only imagined was possible. Skills necessary to draw and paint realistically are no more mysterious than those needed to play piano or pursue anything else; usually, the right guidance is key.

Is it possible for you or your child to become truly great at art? It is just as achievable as becoming a truly great writer, speaker, chef, surgeon... you name it. With practice, encouragement, and the right guidance, everything is possible!

Article Contributed by Art Steps Art Classes
Painting and drawing are taught in a classical, realistic program for Ages 4 - teens and adults. Orange County studios are in Yorba Linda and Mission Viejo. Free introductory class!

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