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Meet Me in the Meadow
“A Journey of the Heart, Mind and Body”

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Meet Me in the Meadow
“A Journey of the Heart, Mind and Body”
By Christina Lynn Martin

It is no surprise to those of us who have known smooth jazz/fusion guitarist Eric Byak that he was signed this year to an exclusive record deal with Sigh-Tunes (; an on-line streaming direct licensing label that serves world-wide health spas, hotels, and physical therapists. After all, Eric has been writing heartfelt, spiritually intuitive and emotionally moving music for years and playing and producing masterfully but now Sigh-Tunes has tapped Eric to integrate the science of healing into a new album titled “Meet Me In The Meadow”. He has combined his smooth jazz and scoring background to create a mood of Smooth Zen Guitar and to take his listeners to a theta state of tranquility and relaxation. In the integration of the human spirit, soul and body harmonic healing systems are a part of the design of our bodies. While we sleep, deeper and deeper thresholds of rest and healing are achieved as our brainwaves move through four frequencies. Beta (alert state), alpha (calm), theta (dreamy) and delta (deep, and transcendental). The latter two frequencies are deeply healing along with Solfeggio frequencies, that are generally not heard in contemporary music. Neurological discoveries through medical science and music composition are now being integrated to create music that promotes deep relaxation, and healing of mind and body and such discoveries are the new frontier of metaphysical music. Eric is especially suited to this task, as a composer whose music was born of his journey in the inner reaches of the heart in the realm of the spirit.

I first met Eric Byak in 1996, at the Bellagio Hotel in Los Angeles, at an inspirational event where hundreds were gathered to listen to Diane Cannon as the keynote speaker. Eric was a kindrid spirit, a master musician whose greatest desire was to strike the chords of the heart in his fluid and memorable Brazilian jazz, funk and fusion style compositions. Though they may have been inspired by Pat Metheny, Larry Carlton and Antonio Carlos Jobim, Eric’s writing and his style would become recognized and sought after by the industry as uniquely his own. At that time Eric had just released his first CD, Journey of the Heart, and it’s cover gave me a true glimpse into the man, his relationship with his creator, his artistic excellence and sense of destiny. It was a painting of Eric taking the first steps up an eternal staircase, at the beginning of what would become quite an epic journey indeed. Eric would go on to score TV movie trailers for feature films including La Bamba, Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, The Karate Kid, and Ducktails, and scored the music for Disney’s Little Angelita an animation featuring the voice of Gloria Estefan. Eric’s music has also been enjoyed in network and syndicated TV shows such as The Young and the Restless and Melrose Place and he has been the session guitarists for popular television series including The Nanny and Charles in Charge as well as scoring for corporate clients including American Express, Buena Vista, Amblin Entertainment and MCA Universal.

Eric’s second CD "Thorns of the Rose" due for a winter release in 2017, features a powerful orchestral piece, which promises to be one of the notable singles from the album. It features a torrid flamenco guitar woven with cello and an orchestra underscored by a driving rhythm section...Otmar Liebert meets Aerosmith! “Thorns” will feature industry heavyweights Nathan East (Foreplay and the Phil Collins band) and drummer to the stars Ricky Lawson (from the Stevie Wonder Band). Eric is creating this music on a Roland GR55 Guitar synth system and doing what keyboard players have been doing for decades, utilizing digital samples of acoustic instruments: but he is playing them from a guitar. This can be a visually peculiar experience to watch, but truly amazing with complete libraries of sampled sounds with true authenticity from Native Instruments to the Vienna Symphony Orchestra.

As we eagerly await Thorns of the Rose, to inspire our musical journey, we can also look forward to experiencing the healing benefits “Meet Me in the Meadow” which will be available to the general public late February 2017, visit for a link to the music. We boost our immune systems, protect against environmental pollutants, exercise and remember the importance of hydration, and now we can harness the science of relation in the music we choose by an artist who has always had the ability to inspire the heart and free the mind with Brazilian brilliance and now will be writing in healing frequencies as a metaphysical songwriter.

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Author: Christina Lynn Martin is singer/songwriter and writer and producer of the historic documentary concert Romancing the West. Christina and her co-producer husband cowboy poet and balladeer Butch Martin tour the theaters, museums and interpretive centers of the Nation with the show that fosters cultural respect and understanding, through the history of the trials, tragedies and triumphs of the American West. They also produce and host the nostalgic music and talk radio shows Whittlers Corner and Time Travels through the American West.



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