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What You Can Do to Increase Sales

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What You Can Do to Increase Sales
Contributed by Business Expo Center

Are you wondering why your sales are suffering even though you've already made a few attempts at marketing your product or service? Nowadays, making a successful sale means creating relationships, forming bonds, and showing your prospects how your business can help solve their problems.

Think about how you would respond to this sales pitch:

Our newest dishwasher will make doing the dishes a breeze and give you more time to do things for yourself.

The promise of having more time for yourself is appealing, but the pitch is just not convincing. In all likelihood, you would ignore it and not consider purchasing the product.

Your customers will react the same way if you don't try to prove your value to them. You must show people that they can benefit from what you have to offer. To do this, you have to know what their problems are, and you can't figure out their problems until you've analyzed the smaller issues.

Let's go back to our dishwasher example. It is clear that having a dishwasher at home would make things a little more convenient. But it's not enough to just say that.

Instead of asking:

Do you want to make life at home a lot easier?

Try to figure out what annoys your customers:

  • Are you frustrated with the dishes that pile up in the sink every night after dinner?
  • Does it take all night to complete your household chores?
  • Are you tempted to dine out more frequently in order to avoid cleaning up at home?

If you identify all the issues that make up the root problem, you will end up with a good understanding of what your customers want. However, you still need to determine the root problem. This is important because defining the problem for your customers will help it become clear in their minds. It's normal for people to realize that they are frustrated with something but struggle with pinpointing the problem. If you help them understand, you will be more successful when you communicate the benefits of your product.

So, instead of saying:

Our newest dishwasher will take away your frustration with household chores.

You would demonstrate your understanding of the problem by saying:

Having a career and taking care of a family at the same time is not an easy task. After a long day at work and an hour devoted to cooking dinner, cleaning up is the last thing you want to do. All you want is some time to spend with your family and the rest of the night to relax and recover from the day's workload.

By explaining the heart of the problem - the fact that having to clean up after dinner is getting in the way of spending quality time with the family - you are proving that you can empathize with your customers. In the end, if they believe that you can genuinely relate to their problems, they will be more likely to believe that your product is their solution.

Now you can present your solution. You need to show that your product or service can help get rid of all the annoying issues that your customers face every day.

You might want to explain:

The newest addition to our line of automated dishwashers is designed to work just as hard as you do, so you can leave the cleaning to something else and enjoy more quality time with your family.

By taking the time to research the source of your customers' frustration and then coming up with a core problem, you have proven your credibility. People are more likely to respond well when you explain the benefits that you can offer because you have:

  1. Worked to identify the issues that your customers are dealing with
  2. Explained the problem in a way that customers can understand
  3. Logically demonstrated that your product or service has been created for the sole purpose of solving this specific problem

Finally, you need to bring all of this information together and present it in a way that people can easily understand. Whether you advertise with a website, a billboard, or a flyer, your goal is the same. You must communicate your value to people by incorporating your research into your marketing efforts.


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For more information, please call (714) 978-9000. Authored by: Jennifer Nguyen


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