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Six Advantages of All Boys' Schools

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Six Advantages of All Boys' Schools

Submitted by: St. Catherine's Academy


With the number of single-sex schools in the U.S. expected to increase significantly over the next few years, advocates of this nationwide movement are emphasizing the benefits for boys, especially in the early years of school.  But what are all boys’ schools doing differently and what are the advantages of this model?  Here are six of the top reasons to choose an all boys’ school.


1. All boys’ schools focus on the specific learning styles of boys.

Research shows that traditional American elementary schools favor the learning styles of girls.  Teachers expect students to sit quietly and listen, which is simply not the best way for boys to process knowledge, especially in the primary grades.  At all boys’ schools, educators design lessons that focus on the specific learning needs of boys. For example, teachers capitalize on boys’ natural curiosity and energy by incorporating movement and hands-on learning tools into everyday lessons.

2. All boys’ schools let boys learn and grow at their own pace.

In an all boys’ environment, boys can gain confidence in their ability to learn without being compared to girls, who usually develop language and fine motor skills sooner than boys.  Male students in kindergarten and the primary grades often lag behind simply because their brains develop at a different pace.  When boys begin their educational career feeling behind, they may lose interest in school and learning. 


3. All boys’ schools create an optimum physical learning environment.

Learning differences between boys and girls go beyond cognitive and developmental functions.  By taking into account certain physiological differences, all boys’ schools can create a physical environment in which boys are best able to learn.  Simple changes like keeping a room cool and speaking in a loud voice can help boys stay more alert and focused.

4. All boys’ schools engage boys in the learning process.

Because all boys’ schools focus on boys and their specific learning and social needs, students are more excited about learning.  A 2008 study by the U.S. Department of Education found that students in single-sex elementary and middle schools were more engaged in academic activities, more likely to complete homework, and less likely to initiate classroom disruptions.  The same study found that parents who switched their sons to all boys’ schools observed an increased eagerness to learn and compete academically.

5.  All boys’ schools encourage boys to pursue a variety of interests.

Students at all boys’ schools feel more comfortable exploring a variety of subject areas than their male counterparts in coed schools, who can feel pressured to focus on stereotypical “masculine” subjects like science and math.  Research shows that young men who attend all boys’ schools are more than twice as likely to study subjects such as art, music, and foreign language at an advanced level.  This freedom also affects boys’ choices of extracurricular activities. In all boys’ schools, it is common for a boy to participate in arts, athletics, and community service. 

6.  All boys’ schools foster camaraderie and lifelong friendships.

Because students who attend all boys’ schools feel comfortable pursuing a variety of interests, young men find they have more in common and are more likely to view each other as close friends.  Furthermore, all boys’ schools often have a set of core values, which serve to create community and form lasting bonds among students.

This article was submitted by St. Catherine’s Academy, a Catholic school with a military tradition serving boys in transitional kindergarten through 8th grade.  For more information on their unique all boys’ program, visit their website at or call (714) 772-1363.



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