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Spring Fever

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Spring Fever
Written by Julie M. Armenta M.A., Education & Family Specialist & Founder of
Armenta Learning Academy

It happens about this time every year…spring fever! It plays no favorites as it infiltrates classrooms, office buildings, and homes. Here are a few thoughts about my favorite season of the year…spring.

S Sunshine, sunshine & more sunshine! As the sun filters through open windows and flows through our veins, we become stimulated and invigorated to explore new possibilities.

P Procrastination can be seen in everyone. Children do not want to do their chores and homework. Adults do not want to do errands or go to work. Perhaps the letter “P” should really stand for PLAY!

R Refreshed is how we feel after we have spent the day in the sunshine, playing and relaxing.

I Imagination and creativity are awakened, and our focus is easily distracted by new and exciting thoughts. Daydreaming takes on new dimensions!

N Nature is alive everywhere! Birds are singing, insects are moving about, animals are sniffing all the fresh scents of nature, and our sights are filled with precious flowers in heavenly bloom!

G Goals are revisited after the winter months have passed. Children look to exams and projects as the end of the school year rapidly approaches. Adults feel more revitalized and think about getting healthier, cleaning out closets or the garage, and vacation planning.

F Freedom from school, from responsibilities, from clothes, and shoes is one of the major symptoms of spring fever!

E Exercise comes in all forms, and during spring, young and old are outdoors enjoying the sunshine, and the beauty of nature.

V Vibrant is the description of the colors seen all around us, from the sky to the green hills, to the flowers blowing in the breeze.

E Emotions and passion are on fire!

R Romance is in the air and the promise of love shines brightly on the horizon.

Be gentle with your children and with yourself during this special season. Goals and responsibilities still need to be accomplished; however, the reward of play and enjoyment makes the task easier and the motivation greater. Have fun and take time to revel in the beauty of spring!

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Article written by
Julie M. Armenta, MA Founder & Education & Family Specialist
Armenta Learning Academy

28062 Forbes Road, Ste B
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
949-367-WISE(9473) or 949-433-0898

Mrs. Armenta looks forward to working with your child on their academic journey, and having a successful school year. We offer school, tutoring and all educational services, including accelerated studies, classes for credit, and remedial support. We provide Academic & Enrichment Programs year-round for all learning needs including Special Needs and Gifted programs, Pre-K thru Adult, Onsite/Offsite, 7 days a week, part-time or full-time with flexible scheduling. Call for support in all subjects in your home or at the academy. We guarantee success!



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