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How The Party Bus Was Born!

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Featured Article

How The Party Bus Was Born!
Article contributed by White Rose Limo

Have you ever felt that the vehicle sitting in your drive way could be so much more than a car? Do you ever get the feeling that it isn't meeting its fullest potential? Yearning for a limousine experience but with a twist?

Well, you're not alone and Creative Coach Builders knows exactly how you feel. With their vision and expert bodywork, the ultimate glory of any vehicle can be realized. Creative Coach Builders can convert almost any vehicle-young or old, fancy or plain-into the ultimate transportation device.

It all started when one man saw beyond the shabby upholstery and lackluster finish of one motor coach. Instead of a vehicle for your senior class trip or your nana's cross-country odyssey to West Palm Beach, he saw one destined for style and luxury.

With a little ingenuity and engineering, the Party Bus became a travelling Wonderland, fully equipped with all of the basics: leather interior, VIP room, under seat lighting, strobe lighting, multiple flat screen TVs and several complimentary bars with all the trimmings. As many as 40 people can enjoy these accoutrements even while cruising to your destination.

However, for many, the Party Bus is the destination. Why would you bother with a stationary dance club when you can travel around town and keep the party going? That's exactly what Creative Coach Builders had in mind.

But after the party bus, they just couldn't stop. Every car they saw had to be turned into a fabulous stretch party-bus-mobile. This legendary Party Bus is now just one among a studio of utterly fabulous vehicles available from White Rose Limousine. They've got a Rolls Royce Limo, Lamborghini Limo, Hummer Limo, Bentley Limo, Mercedes Limo and of course, the party buses, all stretched for maximum fun power. No vehicle is safe...

Just how did a plain old motor coach become a virtual party on wheels?

The folks at Creative Coach Builders worked their magic, that's how. With top notch engineering, body work, and skill, this ordinary motor coach became the party bus of the century. The team at Creative Coach Builders can turn any vehicle-young or old, fancy or plain-into a work of art. Here's how the Party Bus was born:

  1. They started with an ordinary tour bus. It was nothing special. It had the same bad interior that doesn't work as your average motor coach. It was aching for a face lift. Well, it got one.
  2. Next, Creative Coach Builders prescribed a laundry list of upgrades. Plush seating. Mega sound system. Big screen TVs. Lighting. The works. They were able to envision what this bus could be. Every bell and whistle under the sun made the list.
  3. They also prescribed a few comfort upgrades like the Dual AC Compressors and extra doors were needed for comfort and convenience. It's important that people are comfortable while simultaneously partying and driving through town. Then it was time to get to work.
  4. They started by inspecting and stripping the bus. This step allowed them to reconstruct the bus with all the fun features and style they had on the menu.
  5. Next, the bus was prepped and cut according to specifications. Then, they seam-welded rocker and side panels, body extensions, and reinforced the flooring for flat floor installation. This step ensures that the bus is strong and safe as well as fabulous.
  6. Then the team worked their magic for skillful bodywork. The best thing about Creative Coach Builders is their commitment to safety doesn't require a sacrifice in style. In fact, their full-length side-window design is the best in the business.
  7. Next, the team worked on customizing the interior of the bus. Every Bus feature was custom built and installed starting with the custom luxury seats to the bars, to the entertainment systems and all the extras. Next, the air conditioning, heating, electrical, and audio systems were added. The bus was outfitted with every luxury they could think of.
  8. Finally the team installed all the finishing touches like window tinting and performed a thorough inspection to ensure that the bus was safe for drivers and passengers.
  9. And then, voila! The world had a very serious Party Bus on the scene. It just goes to show that one man's trash is another man's treasure!

With a little creativity and some belief in the impossible, anything can happen. And yes, even an average motor coach can be turned into a Hot Party Bus.

Article submitted by White Rose Limousine Inc

We've been providing limousine services for Southern California for over 21 years. Not only do we build our own custom limousines, we build limousines for many of our competitors! We guarantee you will love the quality and amenities our limousines have to offer!

For more information on building a limousine or renting a limousine in Orange County call 714-288-0066

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