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What Is Permanent Make-up?

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What Is Permanent Make-up?
Article contributed by Orange County Permanent Makeup

The art of Micro-pigment implantation, known as Permanent Makeup, is a process by which colored pigment is implanted into the second layer of the skin, the dermis layer, creating an illusion or enhancement where hair or color is missing. This process leaves a shadow of color on the skin that is soft and natural looking.

The most important aspect of permanent makeup is that it actually looks better than regular makeup. Permanent makeup won't smear, rub off, and can last a lifetime. It is hygienic and completely safe. With the use of topical anesthetics, the discomfort of the procedure is greatly reduced.

Permanent makeup is used in enhancing and defining; Eyebrows were color can be added to fill in and define eyebrows or to create eyebrows for someone who has none. Eyeliner can enhance and define the beauty of the eyes making them stand out more. Lash Enhancement that makes upper eyelashes appear darker and thicker making the eyes more noticeable. Lips can achieve a defined lip line or full lip color that makes lips appear symmetrically shaped and fuller.

Permanent Makeup is also used to help restore features taken away do to; Accidents, Burns, Scares, Cleft Lip, Vitiligo, Alopecia, Mastectomy, Breast Reconstruction, and Cancer Patients undergoing chemotherapy. Patients can have their eyebrows, eyeliner and lash enhancement done to look like they have hair. Permanent Makeup helps restore features taken away by misfortune and assists in restoring lives and self-images.

Picking a technician to do the procedure?
Making the decision of who to pick is very important, remember it is permanent and on your face! The technician should have a certification in Micro pigmentation and certification for specialized procedures like; Corrective, Camouflaging and Areola Re-pigmentation. A certification in Blood Born Pathogens. A member of Society of Permanent Cosmetics and Permitted with the Orange County Health Department. Your technician should be in a room that is sterile and when performing the procedure they are gloved, gowned, goggled, masked and have barrier film on all their equipment. The technician should have knowledge of color theory and how to apply makeup to enhance one's beauty. Ask to see before and after pictures of other procedures they have done.

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