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The Importance of Sanitation When Visiting Nail Salons

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The Importance of Sanitation When Visiting Nail Salons
Article contributed by Norma Jean's Nail Salon

Have you ever had your nails done? What about a pedicure? Have you thought about the salon you went to and how clean was? With all the stories on TV these days it causes all of us to think about this a lot.

Here are some of the things you should know:

There are of ways of keeping the implements clean and sanitary. All the files used on you should be kept in an envelope with your name on it, or handed to you at the end of your service. This insures that the files are only used on you. All the metal implements should be fully submerged in a container with a hospital grade disinfectant.

Now, let's talk about getting a pedicure:

There's been a lot of talk about this. The 'throne chairs' or 'whirlpool chairs' are not able to be sanitized fully. The tub may be able to be sanitized, but the pipes cannot be - and that is where all the bacteria stays.The industry is working on this problem but has not come up with any solution at this time.

When you get a pedicure it should be in a individual tub. The water should have at least one sanitizer in it. All the implements should be sanitized as before completely submerged in a hospital grade disinfectant and your files either given to you at the end of your service or kept in a envelope with your name on it. You can have a very relaxing pedicure in a very comfortable chair with complete peace of mind in a good salon.

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