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Therapy and support for relationships, depression, disorders, marriage & family therapy

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Family & Behavioral Health

Everyman Ministries

A culmination of many years of hard work and investment by a variety of people and organizations. Each shares a common vision for creating a movement in the local church among men that will transform its mission and effectiveness for Jesus Christ.

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Therapy for Children

Kids Institute for Development & Advancement (KiDA)
Occupational, Speech, Behavioral, and Social Therapy for Children

KiDA offers individual and group therapy for kids ages 1 to 18 affected by Autism, Aspergers, and other developmental delays. Individual therapy includes speech, behavioral, occupational, feeding, handwriting, and parent consultations. Group therapies develop speech and social skills in a hands-on, play-based setting. All therapies are led by licensed and experienced therapists and custom-designed to meet each child's specific needs. KiDA is located in Irvine.

For more information, visit our website or call (949) 222-2214.

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Helpful Reading

Creating a Successful Parenting Plan A Step-by-Step Guide for the Care of Children of Divorcing Parents

An "Editor's Top Choice" award-winner. Protect your child even if you are in a difficult custody battle. This award-winning book is a step-by-step guide to the care of children when families divide. This is excellent book will give you information on how to best handle the custody arrangement of your children. It also has a template for a detailed parenting plan.

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