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It Gets You Out of Jail!

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It Gets You Out Of Jail!
Contributed by: Premiere Bail Bonds

It gets you out of jail! In fact, it is your "get out of jail" card! You often call it bail bond agency, bail bond company, or bail bondsman, or bail bond agent! Certainly, your bail bondsman, or bail bond company or agency manages your release from jail on bail, if you are arrested.

Usually, when you are arrested, court sets up an amount of money to help you secure your release from jail. It is generally known as bail. Bail, you know, is a legal system that allows you (if you are accused person) to be temporarily released from custody, usually on condition that a sum of money guarantees your appearance at trial. It is known as bail bond in legal terms. Usually, bail is set high enough to guarantee that you will appear for your court dates. Your bail money is forfeited, if you fail to appear in court.

Generally, your relative or friend, who is legally termed as the "indemnitor," posts your bail bond in the amount set by the court, but, what if you don't happen to have a relative or friend, who is rich enough to post your bail bond? In that case, law allows you to secure bail thru a bail bondsman, or bail bond company or agency that is a person or corporation that acts as a surety and pledge money or property as bail for your appearance in court, if you are a defendant and facing any criminal charges.

Your bail bond agency secures collateral from your "indemnitor" to insure that you (defendant) will appear in court as promised. Collateral means a security pledged for the repayment of a loan. Here, it can be anything from vehicles to property or cash.

If you do not show up in court as promised, your indemnitor is liable for the full amount of bail bond put up by a bail agent. This makes you (defendant) responsible; in fact, the system keeps you in a kind of jail without bars. If you flee, your indemnitor - your friend or relative, who helped you out of jail, will have his/her collateral seized by bail bond company or agency.

It usually takes less than an hour to underwrite a bail bond, and you are released from jail within another couple of hours. After release, you have freedom to handle your affairs in your own way and prepare your defense. However, a defendant is often required to check in at the bail bond agency's office once a week.

The system of bail works on trust and is primarily found in the United States but originated in England hundreds of years ago. Bail is an integral part of the Criminal Justice System.

Article contributed by:
Premiere Bail Bonds


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