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Why Does Wine Require Special Storage?

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Featured Article

Why Does Wine Require Special Storage?
Article contributed by Legend Cellars

Enjoyed by millions all over the world, wine has become hugely popular over the centuries, and has adorned the tables of people from all walks of life, from royalty and dignitaries throughout history to everyday folk. However, a surprising number of people that would class themselves as wine lovers actually have no idea what the true taste of their favorite wine is - because they never get to enjoy the wine at its best. This is because many people don't store their wines properly, and this can make a huge difference to the taste, aroma, flavor, and palatability of the drink.

Wine can be affected by a number of factors, some of which can make a huge difference to the taste and flavor of the drink. Temperature fluctuations and storage in the wrong temperatures can really spoil the taste and aroma of a wine, making it essential to store wines at just the right temperature. Of course, the perfect temperature will differ depending on the type of wine you have, and most wine manufacturers will provide the appropriate labelling to ensure that purchasers are aware of the perfect temperature for their particular wine.

Light is another factor that can result in spoiled wine, and you should keep your wines out of direct light. Make sure that, if you are using a wine cellar, you select the perfect location where the wine will not be hit by direct sunlight. If you store wine in the kitchen you should also be aware that the odors from cooking can harm and affect the wine, so it is important to ensure that the wine is protected from these odors - for instance, some wine cellars provide filter protection from such odors, thus protecting the aroma and flavor of the wine.

Wine is a beverage that can also sediment if not stored properly, and some storage tips for those using wine cellars include:

A constant temperature of about 57 degrees Celsius should be maintained at all times.

The hygrometry should be sustained between 50 and 70%.

It is important that there is no vibration.

The wine has to be protected from the light.

Many of us store wine incorrectly, and end up drinking it when it is not at its best. Stored properly, your wine will retain its fullest flavor, will boast a sumptuous aroma, and can be enjoyed at its best.

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