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Termite Control

TreeBark Termite & Pest Control
Tree Bark treatment promptly and safely protects against termite damage.

Protect your home against devastating termite damage through nontoxic but effective Ryania Tree Bark treatment.

Ryania Tree Bark contains concentrated naturally occuring enzymes that paralyze termites and insects. This treatment prevents against termites from feeding on your home, yet needs no safety warning label! It is safe for humans and pets. No tenting or moving out is necessary. Other termite treatments can take weeks to work. If you see any termites survive our treatment, we will return within 24 hours for no charge.

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Pest Control

The Bug Blaster

Help your plants thrive by effectively controlling Aphids, Whiteflies, Mealy Bugs and Spider Mites. Also, it's a fantastic plant cleaner. Maintain clean, healthy plants or rejuvenate old ones.

The Bug Blaster is 100% environmentally safe and provides the most effective nontoxic control of garden pests.

TreeBark Termite & Pest Control
Tree Bark treatment promptly and safely protects against termite damage.

This safe for everything termite and pest control treatment controls existing infestations while preventing future infestations years to come.

Treebark Termite and Pest Control System protects your home from the most common household pests including termites, ants, spider and crickets. Click here for the total control categories.

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