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Summer Safety Tips for Seniors

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Summer Safety Tips for Seniors
Article contributed by A-1 Home Care Agency

As the extreme heat and beach days approach, preventative safety tips for seniors in the summer heat is necessary.

The extreme heat hurts the health of people aged 65 years or older especially after 15 minutes of sun exposure when the senior’s body temperature reaches 106 degrees. This extreme temperature makes the likelihood of seniors to experience a heat stroke.

It’s important to note that at 103 degrees, the body faces serious heat-related illnesses if untreated. Therefore, as the senior body reaches 106 degrees, more health damage is done.

An earlier form of heat stroke is Hyperthermia and precaution of this condition can help prevent it from developing into a heat stroke.

Early signs of Hyperthermia consist of change in behavior (confusion, agitation, or grouchiness), dry/flushed skin, nausea/vomiting, headaches, heavy breathing/rapid pulse, lack of sweat, and fainting.

"Elderly individuals have a harder time knowing when they are dehydrated and their bodies have more difficulty regulating their temperatures," says Dr. Ronan Factora, of the Cleveland Clinic says.

According to the Roland Park Place in Baltimore City, the reason seniors are at risk for sun exposure damage is:

• Older bodies physically respond slower to rapid temperature changes.

• Seople living alone may ignore or not recognize symptoms.

• Seniors are more likely to have existing medical problems or take daily medications that contribute to weakness during the heat.

Dehydration in older adults is a catalyst to the heat stroke, other than the direct heat sunlight. Signs and symptoms of dehydration can include dry, skin, mouth, or cracked lips; sunken eyes; frequent urine infections; feelings of tired or confusion; dark, urine, small quantity.

Therefore, the fluid intake increase can help combat the signs of dehydration. All of which can regulate the body temperature, help the body absorb nutrients, cushion joints, promote regular bowel movement, protect & cushions vital organs, and helps convert food into energy.

Other measures that can be taken to maintain seniors hydrated is by wearing the right clothing, applying sunscreen, staying indoors at the hottest hours, and wearing eye protection.

To maintain the safety of seniors, we need to observe and be precautious of the summer heat. Seniors need to be taken care of during this time of weather transitioning.

Just remember to have fun and be safe with the care of a loved senior.

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